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Means of art therapy
Modern life is full of stress, the number of people that fall in a difficult life situation, grows from day to day. Art therapy is a method that helps effectively…

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Physiotherapy - SAHI mkdc
The history of creation In 1999 was established physiotherapy Department under the direction of associate Professor of rehabilitation and sports medicine of KSMA, candidate of medical Sciences M. A. Podolsky…

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Folk remedies of treatment of fibroids

Uterine fibroid is a benign tumor on the surface of reproductive organs of women, formed of a plexus of muscle of the uterus. This disease affects women over 35 years, but recent studies have shown that women of younger age are capable of Contracting this disease.

To cure uterine fibroids there are various ways. This is a drug therapy and surgical intervention, as well as an integral and methods of folk medicine. Fear of doctors the woman is laid in childhood, so there are several ways to try to overcome this disease on their own.

If you began a rich period when the fibroids – what should I do not know, you should try out one of the popular methods, which has a particularly effective and are often used in modern medicine.

For the preparation of medicines we need:

1. two hundred grams of fresh nettle;

2. two hundred grams of birch buds;

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Physical therapy in Moscow, an experienced physiotherapist (Khimki)

To treat a disease not only with the help of medications. Physiotherapy is one of the famous ways to treat and prevent dozens of diseases. A huge advantage of physiotherapy is that it uses natural physical factors (light, heat, ultrasound, etc.) to impact on the human body. Fisioterapia is a universal remedy against all ailments. Therefore, before to take a course on AIDS for physical therapy, you must consult your doctor. He will inspect and find out whether there are no contraindications.

Methods of physiotherapy

Depending on the methods of influence, there are the following methods of physiotherapy:

Electrotherapy has the largest number of procedures: electrophoresis, myostimulation, electrosolderie, etc. by a Qualified physiatrist Khimki uses different types of currents (direct, alternating, continuous and intermittent), electromagnetic field.

Phototherapy includes methods, which are based on the energy of light radiation, including ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. Continue reading

Treatment of folk medicine, folk treatments and herbs

Treatment of folk medicine originates with the appearance of the person. Since ancient times treatment of disease was carried out by using various herbs and fees. Own experience and observation of the animals contributed to the expansion of human knowledge about the healing properties of medicinal plants.

Folk methods of treatment by traditional healers were passed from generation to generation, later they were recording. In the 4th Millennium BC in Egypt established the first Pharmacopoeia of herbs mentioned and those that we use now – St. John’s wort, aloe, peppermint, plantain, etc.

Folk recipes treatment used in our practice the most prominent physicians of antiquity, Hippocrates, Claudius Galen, Avicenna. In his work “the Canon of medicine” Avicenna described about 900 medicinal plants used in the treatment of diseases.

In Russia the most ancient source of medical literature considered to be ”Izbornik Svyatoslav” 1073-1037, representing a Handbook of diseases, which have been described many folk methods of treatment based on herbal treatment. Continue reading

Alternative alternative medicine in cancer patients

From the time of diagnosis of malignant neoplasms and up to complete cure or death 100 % of patients worldwide resort to means of alternative medicine. When communicating with patients revealed that they begin to use the tools of alternative medicine, even in cases of suspected neoplasm. However, many of the drugs consumed by patients themselves, are toxic, many are the effect of accumulation or adverse effects when interacting with other drugs, which greatly weakens the body.

Thus, when the patient turns to the doctor, the symptoms are mixed with side effects from the wrong treatment and diagnosis are much more complicated.

The use of alternative medicine in Oncology is required, but only after consultation from a qualified oncologist, and the completion of standard treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy).

To alternative medicine that can be applied in cancer patients, include: Continue reading

Alternative medicine

Alternative or complementary medicine is medicine that does not have a clearly articulated scientific basis. To the field of alternative medicine are, in particular, homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, (with the exception of those herbs, medicinal properties which are scientifically proven). Throughout its history mankind has accumulated a huge amount of information about treating diseases and increasing life expectancy means available.

In recent years, and socialized medicine is increasingly turning to the traditions of antiquity.

After all, the official scientific medicine came on the basis of traditional folk medicine and phytotherapy.

The main principle of alternative medicine – “do no harm”.

Therefore to use various methods of alternative treatment recommended in the treatment. Apply popular recipes need only after consultation with your doctor – he has all the information about your condition on the basis of laboratory studies. Continue reading

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Cancer treatment, cancer treatment methods of folk medicine
Cancer center Phoenix Of cancer treatment often use drug FLARAXIN. FLARAXIN unique herbal preparation at intravenous application from 10 doomed (at the fourth stage of the disease) survivors, to the…

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Physical therapy is the oldest method of man's struggle with the disease forces of nature (air, water, light, warmth, mud, etc.) or artificially created physical factors (electric current, magnetic radiation,…